Non-stop concept

At the heart of ICB A/S is our special driver concept, which enables a truck to be kept on the road by changing the drivers at regular intervals.

The concept is adhered to until the truck arrives at the consignee, resulting in the fastest possible transport times under the current regulations.

Our driver destinations

We use our driver destinations to change drivers, so that the first driver drives the truck to one of our fixed destinations, where another driver is ready and waiting to take over and continue to the next driver destination.

With driver destinations in several European countries, ICB A/S boasts an established network that enables us to efficiently supply drivers for trucks in connection with international transports.

ICB A/S has driver destinations in the following countries:

• Denmark
• Norway
• Sweden
• Germany
• Netherlands

• Belgium
• Luxembourg
• France
• Spain
• Italy

We need truck drivers.

  • Full-time or Part-time.
  • Good conditions are offered


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