Drivers with ICB

ICB A/S aims to deliver its services to a high standard and on time in an international industry. It is therefore important for us to have a permanent and reliable team of employees who we know well and can count on. We have thus long acknowledged the importance of having good and trusting relations with our drivers, on whom the entire business depends.

Permanent employment

One of the key differences between ICB A/S and many other temporary staffing agencies for drivers is that our drivers are permanently employed and remunerated according to local regulations and agreements in the respective countries. Being employed by us as a driver is therefore not a temporary job, but full-time employment.

As our local drivers primarily drive locally, a driver's job with ICB A/S therefore often suits a traditional family life better than other driver's jobs.


In collaboration with our drivers, we prepare training plans to ensure that we are able to continuously meet customer requirements for drivers holding the highest professional qualifications.

Proper insurance

ICB A/S ensures that the company's drivers are fully insured against illness and industrial injury.


For ICB A/S, the safety of its drivers is paramount. We strive to ensure a high level of safety through proper employment conditions, accommodation at our destinations and regular dialogue.

We need truck drivers.

  • Full-time or Part-time.
  • Good conditions are offered


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